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What you really need to know about taking Viagra

If you have an inactive lifestyle, ask a doctor for a physical check-up to ensure you can safely resume energetic activity. If you experience nausea, chest pain, or any other more serious pain during your first attempts at sex, seek immediate medical advice.

Older men and those with more serious medical conditions should take a lower dose of Viagra and resume sexual activity at a gentle pace.

Always take detailed advice on whether you can mix Viagra with other medications. There can be a dangerous loss of blood pressure if you combine Viagra with alpha blockers or any of the other drugs used to treat high blood pressure. This should not only include advice on conventional drugs, but also the herbal remedies and diet supplements that contain active chemical ingredients. Note that drinking grapefruit juice or eating the fruit can affect Viagra.

As to side effects, they are usually mild and pass quickly but seek urgent medical attention if you experience:

  • an allergic reaction;
  • shortness of breath, chest pain or other symptoms suggesting a heart attack;
  • an erection that lasts for more than four hours; or
  • any sudden decrease or loss of vision or hearing.

Finally, remember that Viagra is not a condom. It does not protect against a sexually transmitted disease or prevent pregnancy.

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How can your partner help?

It always helps to talk about it. Encourage him to talk it through with his doctor and get treatment....


What you really need to know?

Always take detailed advice on whether you can mix Viagra with other medications. ...