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How to get a prescription

Most medical practices require you to make an appointment to see your doctor. Once the waiting is over, you will find it is not difficult to talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction. There is no need to worry. The talking part can be quick — it is more just answering questions to review your medical history and current symptoms. There will then be a physical examination, and both blood and urine samples may be required.

It is a myth that you have to see a specialist. This will only be required if your doctor finds evidence of serious health problems. More than two-thirds of all prescriptions for Viagra are written by doctors in general practice.

Once over, most men feel relieved and better for the experience. Always remember you are not the first man to have this problem. All doctors have been through sensitivity training so they should be able to set you at ease and not add to your embarrassment. If there are no counter indications, most will then prescribe Viagra.    


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Every year, millions of men in America men have the so-called Viagra conversation. Now’s your chance to find out how men who had the same problem as you got the help they needed from their doctors.

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Creating a checklis

By printing out and going through the questionnaire, you can begin the conversation by handing over the results to your doctor.

Answer these 5 questions

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How can your partner help?

It always helps to talk about it. Encourage him to talk it through with his doctor and get treatment....


What you really need to know?

Always take detailed advice on whether you can mix Viagra with other medications. ...