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This site is designed to deliver comprehensive information on erectile dysfunction (ED) and help you solve ED problems by treating them professionally. The philosophy is that knowledge is power. If you understand how and why men come to have problems affecting their sexual power, you also see how best to treat them. You can use this site to learn more about how Viagra works and why it is rated as the most effective drug for treating ED. Here you may rate your sexual health and check what you should discuss with your doctor and how to, as well as find out other men experiences.

It is a fact that Viagra has become the most popular treatment for ED with word-of-mouth recommendations confirming it restores sexual satisfaction. Not surprisingly, it is also the most prescribed ED drug around the world.
This site also recommends the most reliable online pharmacies, so you can have confidence when you place an order. The pharmacies quoting their prices here have all been thoroughly researched and, with years of solid track record behind them, have demonstrated consistent service excellence. They offer both branded and generic Viagra at the lowest possible prices found anywhere on the net. You can be sure you will receive full strength medication on time at your door no matter which one you choose.
Why have you not asked for help?

There are many reasons why men fail to get the help they need to cure ED. In surveys, men explain their reluctance to seek treatment:

Your reason: Same answer Get help:
denial that you suffer from ED 51% of men If you are uncertain, answer five simple questions for sexual health evaluation. Sexual health is something important and worth preserving.
not sure who to ask for help 28% of men More than two-thirds of all prescriptions for Viagra are written by doctors in general practice. In the first instance, there is no need to see a specialist. To help you start the conversation with your doctor, print the checklist with your answers just to hand him.
worries about safety 11% of men Viagra has been through more than one hundred clinical trials and millions of men around the world take it on a regular basis. It has proved itself safe with few side effects.
unwilling to seek a consultation just for ED 9% of men You could wait for some other medical problem to arise or for an annual health check-up to come around and then ask, but there is no need to wait. You should overcome any sense of shame and seek help now. Find out more about how to ask your doctor for a prescription.
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How can your partner help?

It always helps to talk about it. Encourage him to talk it through with his doctor and get treatment....


What you really need to know?

Always take detailed advice on whether you can mix Viagra with other medications. ...